Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hilfe, bitte

I know I have on my blog lots of readers from German speaking countries. Would any of you - who is fluent in German - find half an hour for me over the weekend to check some German grammar for me?

I have been learning German together with a teenage boy...  I have learnt so much just by teaching him!  Now the stuff is getting already a bit difficult for me, so I would appreciate help.

If you can help me I would love to get your contact to:  klara.soncek @

PS: To say thank you I can invite you for delicious coffee and home made apple pie (from the apples from the tree above)... whenever you are driving through my country.

PPS: usually I asked for help a dear bloggie friend of mine. But since she has been busy with her studies I thought I could bother someone else :)


  1. I am so impressed by, and envious of, your abilities in multiple languages!

    1. liebe Mali, speaking more languages is because my own language is spoken only by two million people... so we need to learn foreign languages.

    2. Yes, I guess if NZ had countries bordering it (instead of at least three hours in a plane away) speaking different languages, we'd learn more languages too. I once had a Thai friend who complained that, in order to speak to neighbours in Cambodia or Myanmar or Malaysia, she had to learn English.

      I'm very unusual in my friends and family, in that I try to learn multiple languages.