Saturday, March 31, 2018

I hate stereotypes!

I was learning if-clauses with 18-year-old boy.  I like teaching him, I also learn a lot (=mainly the things that I already knew and forgot).

This sentence from his test made me angry. It is wrong to teach kids the stereotypes. 

 Couldn't his teacher be a bit creative? I think this sentence is much nicer:
Mary doesn't have any children. If she had children, she wouldn't have time for long holidays in New Zealand :)


  1. That's awful!! How judgmental! Perpetuating this idea isn't good for anyone. Women with children are capable of being unhappy, just as women without children are capable of being happy. That dumb sentence reinforces the idea that having children equals happiness and that is simply not true!

  2. I love your rewrite!

  3. I like your sentence much much better!! Of course I do. lol I hope you took the time to point this out to the 18-year-old.

  4. This is outrageously sexist as well.

  5. What??!!??!!

    Your version is MUCH better!!