Thursday, October 5, 2017

The desire to have a child never goes away

I loved this article:

I love when an article like that inspires discussions all around our beautiful blogging community:

The ending of the article is just brilliant:
“Surely a mother is more than someone who has children? And I’m more than someone who doesn’t.”

Exactly! That's why I like to write on my blog also about other things. I am so much more then just a childless woman!

I am for example also a woman who loves to learn and discover new things. For example - I learnt  that this is one of favourite songs of the little princess from France. It is beautiful:

I love listening to music.


  1. Lovely!! Yes, you are so much more than a woman without children. I can completely relate to this.

  2. Dear Klara, what a great article! Thanks for the links.

    I like that French song, too. And I agree: we are so much more than women without children. It takes a while to see (and feel) that.

    Have a lovely weekend!