Monday, October 30, 2017

Orcas and menopause

Most of the days I am doing fine. From time to time I catch up some silly remark, but I brush it off from my memory. But sometimes I can't.

I spent a nice evening with two girl-friends, talking and drinking tea in cosy cafe. We talked about the menopause that awaits us in not that distant future.

Then a friend started to talk about National Geographic programme that she watched recently. She learnt there that only orcas and women go through menopause, all other mammals die as soon as they stop reproducing. Scientists are not sure why, but their explanation is that in orca world and human world older females are grannies and as grannies have vital role in raising up grandchildren. That's why we live also in the menopause.

What should I add to this story? Absolutely nothing. I remained quiet for most of the evening.

The two friends (are they friends really??) didn't notice anything.

But this silly story has been haunting me for the last few days.

I won't have grandchildren. And yet, I do have a role in this world, the role that I will define.


  1. Dear Klara, I am sorry about this difficult situation.
    "I won't have grandchildren. And yet, I do have a role in this world, the role that I will define." I very much agree with this.
    Wishing you a cozy Sunday!

  2. Oh dear. People just dont think, do they? I am glad though that you ended with such a great final statement. You do have a role in this world. It is being you. That is all anyone can be. Sending hugs.

  3. Actually I have heard that theory and I am surprised that you don't feel concerned: you do teach a young man, and take your nieces and nephews for interesting outings, giving those people an edge on life. An edge that they might not have had otherwise and that might prove important for their future. How they are genetically related or not to you, I don't think that is the point.