Thursday, June 15, 2017

Glücklich – auch ohne Kind / Happy - also without a child

My language is spoken only by two million people so that's why it is important to speak many foreign languages. I am glad I do, otherwise I wouldn't understand this lovely video. It is in German, I got the link on Elaine's blog. Since I have lots of visitors also from German speaking countries I am attaching the link: 

The couple in their early 30s is telling their story about stopping fertility treatments and living without their own children, but yet surrounded with other people's children. I just love this couple! I wish them all the best.

The moment that I loved the most in the video is when she is telling her memories, how she couldn't live with the guilt that he would remain childless because of her. So she told him that he has to leave her. And he replied: "My family is you."
What a wonderful answer! 

And here is his blog: 
This is the very first blog of a man who is writing about living after infertility.

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  1. Having just returned from Scandinavia, I am so in awe of you Europeans who are able to speak so many languages! I dabble in quite a few, but I'm not fluent in any really (other than English) - and sadly not German either.

    I love his answer to his wife too.