Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A great post

I loved Different Shore's post:

And I loved one of the comments:
"I don’t think those with kids survive a loss any better, just differently. Everyone finds comfort and value and fulfillment in different places and someone’s ‘my kids saved me’ could be another persons ‘my friends or my work or my rose garden or my novel I am writing’ saved me." (Mamajo23)


  1. Ah thanks Klara! I love the comments that come through, they really help me to make sense of things. And then afterwards I don't really care any more about the issue - this, for me, is the magic of blogging! I just got an interesting one now from Waiting Between The Lines:
    "I’m not sure it’s useful to create dichotomies… ie. If children give mothers hope then de facto it means childless women have no hope… this is too simplistic and creates a very black and white scenario where multiple meanings are not allowed."
    So true. I'm always envious that I don't have these intelligent insights myself.. I tend to blurt out what I'm feeling in the post, and then when the cool-headed comments come in I get a different perspective. Honestly, it can be like therapy.

    1. I agree, blogging is very therapeutic. I also like this last comment of Waiting Between The Lines.