Saturday, March 11, 2017

Image that haunts me

I have been planning to write down some beautiful news today, but the only thing that I have in my mind is something horrible that I saw yesterday.

I had a lovely 2-hour-long walk with Wolfie. I love walking with him so much! When walking to a neighbouring village, I heard some animal crying. I looked ... and saw people slaughtering a pig. The pig was hanging with back legs from the ceiling, trying to free itself. Obviously it couldn't.

The picture of the pig haunts me.

This is so sad, all the animals suffering.

Do you know what is the worst part of my business trips to Italy? Seeing hundreds of trucks, full with living animals from cheap European countries, headed to west Europe, where they are then slaughtered. I find this extremely sad - that in European Union this is allowed - transport of living animals, also in hot summer, and distances over thousand kilometers.


  1. This really is not a beautiful sight :-(. I am sorry that you have this image in your head now, dear Klara!

  2. Sounds to me as if the people slaughtering the pig didn't quite know what they were doing. I'm not surprised the picture haunts you. Growing up on a farm, I learned that this needed to be done as quickly and humanely as possible. (Not that I could do it myself.)

    Hoping you'll still be able to share your beautiful news soon though!

  3. The whole food industry in Europe is a disaster, and the animals have it very hard, mainly because it's much cheaper to move them live than dead. As consumers we should only buy locally sourced and traceable food, but sadly it is surprisingly difficult to do.