Monday, February 6, 2017

Mothers without children

I didn't know Sandra from the fashion blog Smiling is shic before. Few days ago a girl from Italy that I know through work shared the most beautiful text on her FB. It was this one: Noi madri senza figli:

I have never done this before - but I found the Italian text so beautiful and touching that I simply had to contact to author. I asked her if she could translate the text to English since I would like to share it with my readers.  And here is the translation:

Do read it, I am sure you will love it as much as I did. 


  1. I started with the Italian version, but had to admit defeat! Thanks Klara - what a lovely post. I particularly loved that she said she has learned not to think about it - to guide her mind away from the thoughts. Exactly what my latest post was about!

  2. You are right - this article is bellissimo! Thanks for sharing, dear Klara!

  3. Thank you thank you!!! I can never put into words what is felt in my heart of hearts; you and Mali and smilingchic do it so well. This really made my day, and even made me smile ("A friend of mine adopted a dog and then got pregnant") THANK YOU dear Klara.

    from NM

  4. Awesome, thank yu for convincing her to translate it, and thank you for bringing it to my attention <3

  5. Hi Klara thanks so much for alerting me to that piece by Sandra. I'm very interested in the situation in Italy as I know that the birth rate is very low and I personally know a few 40-something Italian women who don't have kids. It looks like it has hit a nerve, what with all the comments under the piece. There's a lovely comment from an ex-student of hers saying that she is happy and proud to have been one of the daughters of a 'mother without children' such as her, and that she adores her - I found that very moving, I think this woman has touched a lot of hearts.