Sunday, December 18, 2016

You need maths only twice in your life

There is a kid that I really like. I didn't like him at first since he was such a rebellious teen. Now he is already 16 (almost 17), the rebellious years are luckily over.  I like learning with him English and German, at least most of the time.

Last time he asked me a riddle: "Do you know that you need maths only twice in your life?".
I replied that you need maths every day of every year.
He said: "No, you need to know it only twice. Once when you learn for your own school. And the second time when you teach your own child for maths tests."

Obviously I didn't find his joke amusing at all.

His mother really appreciates my knowledge and great job with her kid and also has a nice way of showing it. In my country it is tradition that gifts for kids are brought  by Saint Nicolaus, on the night of 5th of December. This year Saint Nicolaus brought the gift to their house for me as well. It was  a lovely gift that included also a nice figure of an angel. The boy's mom said that that's how they knew that the gift was meant for me. Since I am like an angel for their family. Needless to say, I was deeply touched.

And also a bit embarrassed. Not that long ago I wanted to have absolutely nothing with any woman with kids.

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  1. It wasn't funny, even if I had kids. Teenagers! My teenage great-nephew was telling me about all the things he finds useless at school, and I was giving him examples of when he will use maths. He wasn't convinced! lol

    The gift they brought for you - that, and the emotions behind it, are precious. How wonderful that you are so appreciated. You deserve it.

    It's also wonderful that you're moving past the idea that women with kids are the enemy. It all takes time and engagement ... and in this case, it took a good person to help ease your heart.