Saturday, December 3, 2016

One Chance

I watched the movie One chance yesterday evening. It is a lovely movie, I just loved it, because it is based on true story, on a life of Paul Potts. And also because the main character was bullied as kid because of extra kilos, the same as I was. Children can be so mean! 

Now I am baking an apple pie for a friend of mine that went through all IVF treatments at exactly the same time as I did. Her IVF story also doesn't have a happy ending. But her life story: it is a happy one, I love her sunshine character. While baking I am listening to real Paul Potts' Godfather theme. His voice is just amazing:


  1. This is a lovely lovely post. I love the difference between getting a happy ending to your IVF story, and having a happy life story. I wish you a very very VERY happy life story.

  2. This movie looks so good! Like Mali, I wish you a very happy life story too!