Thursday, December 1, 2016

Follow your Heart

Follow Your Heart

I have just re-read one of my favourite novels all times, it is just beautiful. It is a story about life that an old woman writes to her granddaughter. I remember when reading it for the first time, I was around 27 and thinking about what would I write to my granddaughter one day. I remembered this thought, but it didn't hurt. Sometimes life turns out differently as planned and it is OK. I have to live MY life, not regret the life that was not meant to be mine.

Here is a wonderful quote from the book:

“Every time you feel lost, confused, think about trees, remember how they grow. Remember that a tree with lots of branches and few roots will get toppled by the first strong wind, while the sap hardly moves in a tree with many roots and few branches. Roots and branches must grow in equal measure, you have to stand both inside of things and above them, because only then will you be able to offer shade and shelter, only then will you be able to cover yourself with leaves and fruit at the proper season.
And later on, when so many roads open up before you, you don't know which to take, don't pick one at random; sit down and wait. Breathe deeply, trustingly, the way you breathed on the day when you came into the world, don't let anything distract you, wait and wait some more. Stay still, be quiet, and listen to your heart. Then, when it speaks, get up and go where it takes you.” 

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  1. Very nice!! Thank you for sharing.

    I especially like your line: "I have to live MY life, not regret the life that was not meant to be mine."

  2. Va dove ti porta il cuore! One of my favourites, too :-).

  3. Never heard of this book, but what a lovely quote from it!