Sunday, October 30, 2016

You get used to it

I had a bad fight with my cousin, I disagree how most of the family treats our granny. My cousin prohibited to open this subject with her ever again. But if we don't talk about the person that connected us the most, what remains to be talked about? I am not interested in having a small talk.

I was feeling blue for whole week. Also because of her two kids, they will be a collateral damage. Once again I learnt that it is dangerous to attach to children that aren't yours.

But, I prefer to be disappointed now than in decades that will (hopefully) follow.

Have I ever written that I really like Woody Allen? I enjoyed watching a movie Fading Gigolo yesterday.

I liked this conversation:

A (=a woman who has 6 children): Do you have any family? 
Gigolo: No, not any more.
A: Do you get lonely?
Gigolo: You get used to it.


  1. I am sorry that you had a fight with your cousin. Sometimes standing up for what is right is so hard.

    Thinking about you lots! <3

  2. It IS dangerous to get attached to children that aren't yours. I remember last year not being invited to one of my closest friend's kid's birthday party. It made me so sad. Everyone else invited had kids so she probably just didn't think about it. Other people just don't understand. It is best if I keep a healthy distance from other people's children- enjoy them when I'm around them but don't get attached.

    I am sorry for your blue feeling week. I hope this new week is just the opposite.

    1. dear BnB and IP, thank you for your kind comments.
      yes, I was deleted from kids birthday invitations already a decade ago. Not that I would go, but it would be still nice to be invited. It hurt, but then I got used to it.

  3. It's always hard having an argument with someone close to you. You can distance yourself from friends, but not so easily from family. I'm sure you'll both make up after the argument, once you've both cooled down a bit. But in the meantime, I'm sending hugs.

    And yes, I understand that double-edged sword that an argument can affect our access to the children. More hugs.

  4. Dear Klara, I am sorry to read this. Sending Swiss hugs through the autumn fog, too <3!