Sunday, October 23, 2016

Only the lucky ones...

I might buy one of those hoodies one day, it is so cool!

I am now off for a walk with my beloved Wolfie.


  1. Oh this is awesome!! What a super cool hoodie and what a gorgeous picture with Wolfie! Have a glorious day!!!

  2. I think that you definitely need this! Glad you are feeling well enough to go on a walk with Wolfie and hopefully DH too!

    1. yes, I had a lovely walk with DH & Wolfie. It included also a lunch stop at McDonalds, Wolfie's first one. He behaved very well, he would do anything for some bits of French fries.

  3. That's funny! Yes, you have to have that hoodie. But if you don't - you have Wolfie, and that's better!