Monday, September 5, 2016

When are you too old for an IVF?

I am 43. And I know I am too old.

It is sad to see that some couples who are much older  then me can't accept childless life. Well, those here got what they wished for. But at what price?


  1. 72?! I guess this just goes to show that because it can be done doesn't mean that it should be done.

    For hubs and me, 35 was the line in the sand. We said that if I wasn't pregnant by my 35th birthday that we'd stop trying. Realistically we'd probably have gone on longer if the situation were different, but definitely not past 40.

  2. Oh god. I had it at 38 and felt old. Now, at 44, I would absolutely not do it. These stories horrify me: I can only think these women do it because it is so culturally intolerable to be childless in India. Even then, I think it's awful. I think any help for infertility is a great thing but there is definitely an age limit, and at the risk of sounding conservative I think it should be the natural fertility cut-off point (i.e. late forties, maximum). The fact that it's possible to get pregnant with DE at 72 just puts extra pressure on women and makes it harder to give up hope. It makes things 100 times more difficult, not more simple.

  3. I think that's so wrong. It's very selfish, and completely unethical on behalf of the doctor. I feel for the child, and for the elderly mother.

  4. I feel a bit uneasy about legislating these things, but if ARTs haven't worked for you by the time you're 40-45, I think you should cut your losses (financial, emotional & otherwise) & stop.