Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Approved for adoption / Colour de peau: miel

I recently watched really great movie "Colour de peau: miel" . I think that it is translated in English as "Approved for adoption".

It is an autobiographic movie, combination of cartoon and movie and videos from adopted boy's childhood. It is just perfect.(and I enjoyed listening to French a lot).

There are tons of things what I liked about it. Usually when I read something about adoption, it was from parents who adopted. And here it is a story from the boy who was adopted.

The sentence that the adopted boy heard from his grandmother: "Sorry, I keep forgetting about your little Asian." hurt even me.

Years back, when adoption was still an option, I though about it, whether my parents would love my adopted child in the same way as they love my brother's children. My conclusion was, that they wouldn't.

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  1. WOW...the clip shows the complexity of the whole process. Thank you for sharing.