Friday, February 26, 2016

All surrogacy is exploitation – the world should follow Sweden’s ban

I agree 100 % with this article:


  1. I recently had a similar reaction when I heard about the first uterus transplant that took place in the US.

  2. I have mixed feelings: The reality is that you can't ban surrogacy just as you can't ban prostitution or any other form of exploitation (what about egg donation, isn't that a form of exploitation too?). You can outlaw it, but that will be putting the surrogates, prospective parents and future children in the hand of unscrupulous middle-men taking advantage of them, because as long as there will be poor women and richer couples craving for children, surrogacy one way or the other, will happen. In India for instance, a surrogate makes 10 years worth of salary and is often her only hope for a future or only basics like clean water... I would like to see sweatshops and other forms of widespread exploitation be banned before that, unfortunately it remains very difficult to only buy clothes and shoes fair trade, not to talk about the computer I am typing on at the moment: