Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A melancholy sense of awaiting its true destiny

" Nick and Ilsa's guest room, which had bare white walls and a melancholy sense of awaiting its true destiny. They had been trying unsuccessfully for years to have a child. Strike never enquired as to their progres and sensed that Nick, in particular, was grateful for his restraint."
Career of Evil, J. K. Rowling 

I just finished reading the novel Career of Evil. I didn't like is as much as I did the first two books. But still, Rowling does have a talent for writing.

After reading this part, I went to see the room that was meant to be our child's room. Yes, it did have  a melancholy sense of awaiting its true destiny for many years. Now it is just a very practical storeroom.


  1. Abiding with you....and sending nuzzles from a very friendly Mayla. She seemed to be looking beyond me to Wolfie...

  2. We have this room in our house, too. In the closet there is a crib, still in it's box. It will never be used but I'm not to the place where I can deal with getting rid of it. It will be nice to move into our next house and not have to think about one of the rooms as a "baby's room."

  3. So true. We are in the midst of starting to finish our basement, which means that our current office will move downstairs. This was always the plan, but it was supposed to be predicated on a baby needing the current office. I worry about what will become of the empty room by our bedroom...."melancholy sense of awaiting its true destiny"...TOTALLY. What a perfect description. Makes me wonder about what experiences JK Rowling had that she is so great at capturing this feeling in words.

  4. We had those room(s) in our house too, earmarked for the future kid(s). They had a bed for guests until they were ready for us to redecorate...then you slowly come to the realisation that you can’t hold off on the redecorating forever.

    So now one room holds a bookcase for the overflow from the main bookcase in the family room and a guest bed and the other room is my ‘study’ - a sewing/craft room brimming with sewing materials and knitting wool, drawing supplies, recipe magazines/books and another guest bed tucked into the my motto is ‘have empty room will fill’!

  5. "... melancholy sense of awaiting its true destiny." Isn't that beautiful? With rooms - and ourselves too, I think - we can at least change their destiny. It takes time, and a mental shift, but we get there in the end. I'm still thinking that our baby's room - which became an office, and then a spare spare room with lots of bookshelves - has a true destiny as a walk-in wardrobe!