Sunday, January 31, 2016

Living Now

I admired this painting in the national gallery. It is a portrait of the family of a medical doctor, painted before 1835.  More then 180 years ago.

All the members of the family are long dead.
Did the couple have any additional children?
Did their children have children of their own?
Are their genes passed on or did the family die out?
It doesn't really matter.

All that each of us has is now.
So I will make the most of my day today. 
I will read a good book (I enjoy reading the third book about Cormoran Strike) and after the lunch we will go for a long walk with Wolfie.

Which reminded me of  my Wolf, master of living in the moment:

Wolfie is mastering this skill perfectly already too, and he is not even 12 months old.


  1. I really love your comment, "it doesn't really matter." Because that's the awareness I've come to, too. Even if we had children, we might only be remembered by one or two generations. All we can rely on is now.

    I hope you had a lovely walk!

  2. Could you bottle Wolfie's powers? I'd definitely pay for shipping :-)