Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chambre sans berceau / Cradleless room

Yesterday evening I listened to The Song of Old Lovers / La chanson des vieux amants

together with my husband. He loved it as well.

When  cuddling in the evening, I said to him that French couple had
Vingt ans d'amour / Twenty years of love
and we have so far
Treize ans d'amour / Thirteen years of love 

And he commented that we also have cradleless room.
I didn't know what he was talking about, so he explained.

I was touched that he noticed such small, but yet so big detail.

I am now hearing again to the song and yes, there is a line about Chambre sans berceau / Cradleless room.

I love the song even more now.


  1. Thanks to Kaymet to notice "chambre sans berceau" in this song I didn't notice before. I reconized also myself in this song : 20 years of love... I met my husband in 1996 😉
    Have a nice and lovely day Klara!

    1. chère Artemise, congratulations on 20 years!

      chère Kaymet, yes, thank you also from my side for noticing "sans berceau".

  2. So sweet! You have an anniversary coming up too, don't you?