Monday, November 23, 2015

Je parle français

How cool is that, I just started to attend a French beginning course. Best of all: my employer is paying for it.

It is lovely to have new school books (photo attached).

And on youtube I found brilliant Alexa, I love learning with her:

Is there any other language where you say 99 = 4 x 20 + 10 + 9 :)
English is so easy.
99 = 90 + 9



  1. Perfect!
    So your next post on your blog will be in French?
    À bientôt

    1. chère amie, I have to change the title to: Je parle un peu de français :)
      today, when driving to work and back, I listened to French course on CD. It felt great, listening to French!

  2. I actually remembered the numbers up to 59! Not bad since I haven't had a French class since 1999!

    French is such a pretty language!

    1. yes, it is pretty!
      Congratulations for counting up to 59... I can't (yet).

  3. Awesome! Remind me to send you a list of my favorite french movies, as soon as you are ready. There is a whole genre of french comedies that are completely hilarious. And with french subtitles, as soon as you have some basics, that will totally boost your french.

  4. A friend of mine used to say the the french were the missing link between humans and apes since they count on both their hands and feet ;-) By the way, in the french part of Switzerland, we speak french (and not a dialect) but count like the english. And believe it or not, when I slip and count the Swiss way (aka the logical way) the french don't understand. Quoi, nonante-neuf??? Ahaha, quatre-vingt-dix-neuf...

  5. I love the thrill of learning a new language! Enjoy!

  6. AWESOME! You can speak so many languages already. I admire you.