Monday, November 16, 2015

Albero della vita / Tree of life

I was lucky. In October, I had to go to Milan for work, so I could visit Expo. I loved it! Some photos attached.

I wished I had time to visit all pavilions, but obviously there was not enough time, especially since the waiting lines for popular pavilions were up to 6 hours (record of waiting lines had Japan).

I enjoyed walking around, alone, learning new things. Being there was like the symbol of life... all countries on one place. So many wishes. So little time.

On how many travellings will we be able to go? Which countries to choose? So many wishes. So little time. Not to mention limited income.

But when listening to the music of lovely Albero della vita / Tree of life, I just felt so very happy to live. To be the part of the world. My life may not be as I planned it to be, but it is beautiful anyway.

Here is the video of the Tree of life:

La vita e' bella! Life is beautiful!

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