Monday, October 5, 2015

Year of the Rooster

I have just finished reading an excellent book written by Czech author, Tereza Boučkova, Year of the Rooster / original title: Rok kohouta:

It hasn't been translated to English yet, but it was translated in many European languages.

I applaud the author for the courage. Because, she wrote about the theme that it is a tabu in our society. Adoption story that did not went well. It is an autobiographic story.

She and her husband couldn't have children, so they adopted two Romany babies, two boys. They gave them all the love possible and offered best education possible. But still, when the boys were still teenagers, they went to the living that is written in their genes. Living somewhere without official address, without documents, without jobs, providing for themselves with small criminal.

I know there are many many adoptions with happy ending.

But deep in my soul I know that if we adopted, our adoption story would be the same as described in the novel. 

It doesn't really matter actually what we think about adoption any more. My husband will be soon 50 and I will be within few years... We are way too old for adopting now anyway.


  1. Oh, that's brave indeed to share a story like that. And how heartbreaking for them. :-(

  2. "It doesn't really matter actually what we think about adoption any more."

    I like that attitude. It comes with healing, I think.