Friday, October 23, 2015

Belissima Italia

Somebody googled tonight "Is it OK if I am different" and found my blog.
How cool is that?  Probably the person wasn't looking for life after infertility, but still.

I am doing great lately. I am very busy, in the last 10 days I was twice in Italy on a business trip, each time for 3 days. I am too busy to even think about being sad about childlessness*.

I kept hearing this song on all Italian radio stations:

So I wanted to share some Italian music with you.

Driving through Slovenian alpine region to Italy: 

.... reaching Italian seaside:

*The only times that my infertility hurts is when interacting with colleagues or business partners. How I envy them. Most of them are my age. All of them have children. How easy is for them to find a common language. Even if they don't have much in common, there is always a sentence "So how are your kids doing?". And endless conversation can begin....  I was glad when the dinner was over, so I could go for a long walk along the beach.


  1. I love that google search! Hopefully the person found what they were looking for!

    Beautiful pictures! I liked the song too.

  2. Klara, I apologise for being so late to this. I saw it when you wrote it, but always on my device-that-makes-commenting-too-hard. Thanks for the beautiful scenic photos. I keep thinking though - aren't the mountains in the wrong direction? (from my vast experience of two days in Slovenia! lol)

    Ah, bellissima Italia indeed. I am glad that you get there regularly. I am sorry for the colleagues who have such limited conversational abilities that they constantly revert to questions about kids.

    1. dear Mali,
      you really need to return to Slovenia again, you did not have enough time to observe the mountains :)
      You are right - most of the time when you and your DH were driving north, the mountains were on the right
      The photo was shot few kilometers before you turned left, to go across Vrsic Pass. There, the mountains are on the left.

    2. You're absolutely right. We didn't have nearly enough time in Slovenia.