Sunday, September 6, 2015

I feel bad about my neck

I Feel Bad about My Neck 

I borrowed Nora Ephron's book from my best friend and just loved loved loved everything about the book. Except this part:

"...the impatience childless people have for people with children..."

I am really sorry that the author passed away. Otherwise I could explain to her that me, as a childless person do not have impatience for people with children. But I do have impatience for not behaved people with children with bad behaviour. 

But do not this comment stop you from reading. It is a brilliant book.

A must reading material for all women over 42. 


  1. Never read it. Might have to get it.

    And yes, I could add to your explanation of what I am impatient about - people with children who are impatient with childless people, people with children who think they are superior to childless people, people with children who don't ever put themselves in the situation of childless people, people with children ... well, I think you get my point! lol

  2. Oh, didn't know she's passed away. RIP Nora Ephron.

    My eyebrows went on a roller-coaster ride when I read that line, though. Thanks for the book recommendation!