Saturday, August 29, 2015

Horizons of my world

I have read an short version of the article "What You Really Need to Know About Egg Freezing" when it was put online in July, but then forgot about it.

I have had one habit for the last 15 years: I always borrow in my local library Time magazine. Disadvantage is that I always read magazines that are 1 or 2 weeks old. But huge advantage is that they are free of charge. I love sitting in the couch, going through the pages of the magazine.

It was lovely to see Pamela's name in the magazine.

This made me think that it is true that infertility took away so much from me. It took my dreams. It took happiness out of my life for whole decade.  It took many old friendships.

But it also brought me so much.
The horizons of my world are so much wider now.

Here are some of the favourite memories:
- Pamela: all the wonderful moments from our travelling together in four different countries on two continents
- Mali: starting my Saturday morning with another great post from her . And remembering one lovely afternoon spent with her and her husband two summers ago.
- thinking of all kind emails in the last two years that I exchanged with my best pen-friend from the state of New York. I have learnt so much from her!
- Friendship with BentnotBroken:  I love reading her blog and I love exchanging emails with her. Exciting: she is planning to visit Europe (including my country) in 2018. Can't wait!!!
- Kaymet and Irouwen from France who helped me with pictures from Normandy that meant so much to my father-in-law (and also to my husband)
- exchanging emails with Lara who did interview with me:
- ....

 I am grateful and happy that you are part of my life.

A random thought on egg freezing. Do woman really think if they freeze 10 or 20 eggs that this is a gurantee for 2 healthy children for later?

I made a quick calculation. In 9 cycles of IVFs my body produced the total of 45 egg cells.
45 egg cells resulted in many embryos. And none living child.


  1. Yes, there are a lot of really crappy parts of infertility, but the resulting friendships are one of the silver linings. I am so incredibly thankful for you and our friendship as well!

  2. Ditto, Klara & Kinsey!!!
    While the first part of my life didn't go as planned, the life experiences that have come since continue to surprise with friendship delight, depth and dimension I could have never imagined. xo

    p.s. thanks for sharing the magazine image. I had a hard time believing it really existed in the digital form. The print version blows my mind...

  3. Being a number addict I made the computation: each frozen egg has a 5% chance on average of making it into a live baby. So with 20 eggs, the probability of having no kid is (0.95)^20=0.36. Hence p(at least 1 kid)=1-p(no kid)=0.64, meaning that in freezing 20 eggs, roughly 1 out of 3 women will end up with no kid.

  4. There is NO WAY the 24% succes rate per egg (on your scanned version) is correct, I read 5% on several other sources. 24% is higher than the success rate per IVF cycle when you have at least one fresh egg, so that's clearly impossible.

    1. exactly. No way there is 24% success rate per egg. I love your math formula.

  5. How nice seeing Pamela's name in the print edition! Yes, there are really wonderful friendships and experiences that come out of a really horrible time. I want to say ditto too! I love the relationships I've developed, the things I've learned, and the new parts of the world (geographical, cultural, intellectual) I've discovered as a result.

    I woke up this morning to an email from my friend who is a diplomat in Poland. She drove through Slovenia a month or so ago on our recommendation, and so there is yet another person who has fallen in love with it (especially Lake Bled) as a direct result of your blog! Isn't that nice how the ripples work?

    1. I am happy that your friend was in my country. I love how the ripples work!