Friday, May 1, 2015

Finally Heard: A Silent Sorority Finds Its Voice

Pamela's wonderful new book is already available on Amazon:

I just love her new book. The part that meant the most to me is where my husband and me are mentioned.  Here are three paragraphs from the book:

"It was only in experiencing firsthand “twinship,” a concept that Dr. Rosner explained as “relationships that provide the feeling that there are others like me in the world, someone who understands me” that post-traumatic growth solidified
As I first explained in Silent Sorority, there is something indescribably delicious in knowing that you’re among people who simply get you. I felt it when friends, a wife and husband who grew up in communist Yugoslavia, arrived for a two week visit. While we’d only met overseas briefly as they were ending fertility treatment and relied on emails and blog updates in the two years since we were completely at ease when they arrived on our California doorstep. Once the jetlag lifted we fell into a rhythm and understanding that was as comfortable as breathing. There was no guardedness or concern about saying or doing the wrong thing.
(In a different realm I see a similar familiarity exhibited in the gym where my husband plays basketball. There’s routine, a language, a culture that is mystifying to me but the players who walk through the gym door all know the way to act and react to each other.)"


  1. I just downloaded Finally Heard and I can't wait to read it!

  2. Once again, Pamela has, as they say, "hit it out of the park." I love that her relationship with you made it to the book!

    1. Yes, I love that I am mentioned in the book (the first, the last and the only time in my life probably). And I love when you mentioned me in your blog.
      This means a lot to me ... to see that my life does matter.

    2. Your life matters, even if we didn't mention it in our blogs or books! I hope you know that.

    3. I hope so too, Klara! Although I agree, it is always kind of cool to see yourself referenced in print. ;)

  3. I just finished it myself (& will be doing a review for my blog). Love to see so many thoughtful volumes being produced on these issues -- and of course, Pamela's first book was the inspiration for many that have followed. :)