Thursday, March 26, 2015


I love travelling. And I love flying. Since flying almost always means going somewhere really far away.

Dying in plane crash? Really tragic.
But dying in plane crash because a co-pilot decided he wanted to die?

I am really sorry for all the lives lost because of that decision. I am sorry for their loved ones.


My problem for the last decade was that I was sure for such a long time that what happened to me, incurable infertility, was the most horrible thing that could happen to anybody.

I hope that nothing worse that infertility happens to me, for the next 5 decades. Since, knowing what I know now - living childless forever is really not such a big deal. 

PS: photo was taken by my DH, just before we landed to San Francisco 


  1. Before I went to bed last night, I read on the New York Times website that one of the pilots had been locked out of the cockpit and I hoped that the pilot in the cockpit had a medical emergency and wasn't able to let the other pilot back in and this was all one big tragedy. And then I woke up this morning I saw that all evidence points to this being a deliberate act. To kill oneself is very sad but to take the lives of 149 other people in the process of taking your own is so incredibly selfish. It's all so heartbreaking.

  2. Yes. Wise words, Klara.

    (And as you can guess, I love flying too - though I always feel a teeny tiny bit nervous at least once during a flight!)

  3. It seems like there is always some kind of plane crash or incident just before I am due to fly anywhere. :p I do tend to get a bit nervous flying, especially takeoff for some reason, but I try to lose myself in a good book or a movie during the trip & try not to think about how high up we are & what's keeping this thing in the air anyway?? lol