Monday, March 30, 2015

Childless / Childfree

I don't usually read articles written by childfree women. Since most of the time I feel I have nothing to do with them. I am childless. They are childfree. Two completely different kinds of people.

I guess I started to read this article because I was triggered by the title: "I got my tubes tied at 28".
My tubes were also destroyed at 28, but not intentionally, by a horrible infection.

I really liked the article so I wanted to share it with you:

This part made me laugh, so true!
Two mothers have actually said to me, “I didn’t know what love was before having a baby. You should reconsider.” I’m happy they’re happy now but “not knowing love before kids” is one of the most acutely sad things I’ve ever heard.

And I adore those of her quotes:
Here’s the thing: I’ve spent years carefully crafting the most amazing life I can.
I’m surrounded by people I love very much, who love me in return. I’m well-educated and well-traveled. I have endless time to learn about things that interest me and to see wonderful things and to meet the greatest people on earth. I leave piles of library books all over my bedroom and plan fabulous trips all over the world....
What I want is to be happy.


  1. Thanks for sharing; I really enjoyed that article.

  2. Great article! I tend to think we have a lot more in common with childfree women than we might think, Klara. Obviously we come to this life from different places, but I think the misconceptions and attitudes and dumb questions we get from parents tend to be very much the same. And whether we wanted children, absolutely did not want them or were ambivalent, here we are -- we're all living the same or similar lives -- and yes, we all just want to be happy. :)

  3. Oh dear - I read the article and meant to come back here but got distracted. Two days later!!!

    I will admit I cringed at the idea of her getting her tubes tied at 28, because I didn't want children at 28 either. But she's right - we craft our lives, and fill them with love, real love, in the best way we can.