Saturday, February 21, 2015

The most important lesson of infertility: Life is unfair

Some weeks ago I got an email from a bloggie friend from France. I read the article and it just stuck with me, so I have to share it with you.

I could not write the comment more beautifully, so I am just quoting her:

"Here is an article I liked about thinking that life is fair: if you think that life is fair, then you have to blame the victims. So those who think that it's only fair that they got their babies will also think that those who didn't somehow deserved their luck (or lack of). The article has nothing to do with infertility but I think that it applies:"

I love having bloggie friends from all over the world.
You make me think.
You make my world richer. Nicer. More interesting. Kinder. Nicer. Loving.
Thank you for being there.


  1. This article confirms what I've thought for long time. Accepting the world isn't just is what has made me able to accept my life, and celebrate the good in it too.

    Thank you for being here too.

  2. What an interesting article! I do agree that even though it isn't about infertility that it applies. Bad things happen to good people all the time.

    I'm happy to be there for you, though I'm sure that I glean far more wisdom from you than you get from me. :)

  3. I'm happy Klara and you guys are here too, posting, sharing your thoughts in comments. Your support means so much.