Friday, February 6, 2015

How do you balance work and not having children when you want them?

Here is a brilliant thought of a woman who went through infertility and was blessed with two children.

Recently when they asked her "how do you balance work and children" she said that the real question was "how do you balance work and not having children when you want them". 


I never thought about it this way, but it is so true!  

I am lucky  to have some lovely bloggie friends who make my days brighter and give me new viewing the world.


  1. That's a nice twist on a very common question.

  2. Well to be honest infertility didn't screw up my career that much: work in fact provided some relief. Being a researcher, part of my job is creative and it was nice to sink in work to forget the rest. But then the "others" come along with comments "it's easy for her to be successful, she doesn't have kids". Part of the career ladder climbing game is social though, going to dinner after a conference and providing pleasant chitchat, and that was bad. I was high up enough on the career ladder to not really care, but it obviously could be a serious problem for someone at another career stage.

    And (since the topic came up not so long ago here) imagine being a hairdresser, that has to be the worse possible job for infertiles. Somehow it beats me why there is still no silent hair salons, I bet that many people would love to get a haircut in silence just as some hairdresser too would love to work in silence.

    It's awesome talking to you Klara, and I regularly read your blog, though I usually don't comment!

    1. dear Lara, how lovely it is to get a long comment on my blog. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your question. But it was just too perfect not to share it...

  3. Nice twist indeed. I've read how some struggle at work when they're surrounded by kids (students) when experiencing infertility grief.