Saturday, January 31, 2015

Twinge in my heart

"Among the more marginal news items was the one about how a former bodybuilder from Austria became the governor of California. Nombeko felt a twinge in her heart when she saw a picture of him in the paper, standing there with his wife and four children, smiling into the camera with white teeth. She thought that it must be an unjust world when certain people received an excess of certain things, while others got nothing."
Jonas Jonasson: The girl who saved the king of Sweden


I am just reading the novel 
I like it. It isn't about infertility at all, but the main character hasn't been able to conceive (at least not until 3/4 of the book). But it isn't really an issue, it was just briefly mentioned.

I really liked the quote above, so I thought I would write it down. I love the expression "twinge in my heart". How many times did have I felt it in the last 12 years!

Infertility does have some silver linings. At work one from our team had to go for a whole week this week to Italy, to visit some key clients. 3 of my coworkers couldn't go since:
a) coworker A's child had a flue
b) coworker B's child had a birthday and she didn't want to miss it
c) coworker C didn't have babysitting since her husband was on a business trip too

So I went and it was lovely. I visited plenty of beautiful Italian towns. I ate some delicious Italian dishes. And a extra benefit: for each day when I am abroad I get 44 EUR per day extra paid.  And this time I used this extra money entirely for me. I bought some really lovely clothes on winter sales.

But it is lovely to be back home too.

I should go.... it is picture perfect beautiful today. We have lots of new snow & the sun is shining. It is time for a long morning walk to the library.


  1. I love that phrase too! Sometimes it is a twinge and sometimes it is more like a jackhammer on my heart though.

  2. you have been in Italy ! *freeking out*
    Great !
    I am friendly jealous :-)

    Have a pleasant weekend back home !

  3. Of course, the (former) governor of California & his beautiful wife are now divorced after a whole lot of scandal. ;) You never know what the reality behind those perfect pictures might be...!

    So glad you went & enjoyed your time in Italy!!

  4. Yes, twinges. :) Not that long ago I would have described them as stabs, but a twinge is just about right these days. ;) and I'm glad you went to Italy and took care of yourself!!!

  5. Oh, I'm so jealous of your trip to Italy! And I had to laugh at the reasons why the others couldn't go. Maybe that isn't very kind of me, but it seemed right that you could go too. And buy some lovely new clothes too.

    And yes, it is an unjust world. Understanding that was my path to healing, I think.