Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This post will be published only for few days

To understand today's story, you have to read this post first: 

In the darkest years of my infertility I literally felt that all the bad things happen to me. Nothing really bad happened to me (knocking the woods) ever, except infertility. But infertility is so overwhelming that I really felt so.

I remember when writing this post, more then two years ago, that I really envied my client. I thought her life was picture perfect. It probably was, then.

Today I found out that her husband was murdered 13 days ago.

I am so sorry for her. I am so sorry for the little boy, who will have to grow up without his father.

Bad things happen. It is just the fact of life.

And infertility is really not such a bad thing, compared to tragedies like this.


It is time to get some fresh air, I need my daily walk.


  1. So incredibly sad. Definitely puts things in perspective.

  2. We can all use some perspective once in a while. How incredibly sad. :( I hate hearing these kinds of things :(

  3. Murdered?!??!?!?!!?! Oh my goodness, what a brutal way to leave this world. I'm so sorry for those left behind. :-( I wish them strength and I hope there are people around them who can be there for them.

  4. Oh, that's terribly sad. And yes, at times like this we can definitely imagine worse than our lives now. Bad things happen. It is a fact of life. That is very true.

    But we get through them. That too is a fact of life. Though it will be terribly hard for your client and her son. (My niece lost her husband unexpectedly earlier this year too, and she too has a little boy. I feel for them very much too.)