Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Because we are fed up with hairdressers discussing their children

I hope that Nanouille, author of the drawing does not mind publishing it.
The drawing was made by an infertile buddy from France.

Translation of the text:
"Because we are fed up with hairdressers discussing their children."

Cool, isn't it? 

Yes, I feel like a hostage going to the hairdresser. I have to listen to all kiddies stories without possibility of escaping. For a while I changed a hairdresser, I went to a male hairdresser my age. It was nice change, to talk about travelling. But then, one day I came for a hair cut and he was wearing a belt in his jeans, with a huge sign DADDY. He just got a baby boy so he had to explain everything. Needless to say, I never returned.


  1. I've never gone to the local hairdresser 'coz they're all so expensive. During one of our travels, though, I decided to go have a proper haircut as I reckoned it would be cheaper there. And no, she didn't ask about my having children BUT she started talking about her child. Thankfully I was in a good mood, so no harm done. These days I'm used to having not-so-awesome haircut ha ha...

  2. I've been lucky. My hair dresser also suffers from infertility. But that being said, she is now expecting her 1st baby. Years ago, I might have switched, but I love her dearly. And while I don't know all the details of her struggle to get pregnant, I do know they are very real and I can respect that. Honestly, I'm afraid she'll quit when she has her baby. But she is the best hair dresser I've ever found.

  3. I hate having my hair done for this exact reason. Haircuts should be relaxing and we should not have to be subjected to small talk about kids.

  4. That makes me laugh. I've fortunately escaped this - I had a gay male hairdresser for many years, and yes, we talked about travel! My current hairdresser has grown children so doesn't talk about kids.

  5. We've had the same hairdresser for years -- she's the wife of one of dh's childhood friends. She's not so bad, but you still have to listen to all the conversations around you. Right now I am looking for a new place to get my nails done. The last place I tried, the first question I got asked was "Do you have kids?" When I said no, the silence was deafening (but I still had to listen to the women around me talk about theirs). Sigh.

  6. Love the cartoon and share the feelings! Right now I finally found a fabulous older hairstylist. She does an amazing job with my hair and we talk about our families but not children but illnesses and treatments and taken care of elderly and drug addiction in younger members. I can talk medicine to no end and it interests me and is part of my job so I have more than enough to say on the subject and love to hear my hairdresser's stories. I have very relaxing appointments now but people around us are probably not enjoying overhearing our conversations. Oh well...