Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You don’t suddenly become a great person because you have a child

The short interview that I saw on KT's post early in the moring made my day:

(I am so sorry - the commercial begins with extra cute baby - can't avoid commercials)

I am not sure if the link is working, so I am attaching another article:

I loved Tamron Hall's atitude and opinions. One of her sentences:
“You don’t suddenly become a great person because you have a child”.  

So true!

I am glad that Tamron spoke up for all of childless women.


  1. It is a bit funny that when I originally clicked on the video - it was a political ad for governor of corrupt state!

  2. I liked the video too and agree with the points made, very well said.

    I also found it interesting that in her article Tamron made sure to remark that she 'wants kids' and she's a person who wants a child someday'. She reminds me of myself during the time when I was going through unsuccessful treatments that no one around me knew about.