Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thwarted dreams

I saw the link on Loribeth's blog today (thank you!):

I loved it. Especially the quote.
"But an intriguing new study from the Netherlands suggests that not having children only makes infertile women unhappy if they are unable to let go of the idea of having kids." 

So true!  And I know what I am talking about. I could get back my old happy me only after I let go the dream of having a child.


  1. I saw the link on Loribeth's blog as well and went to read the article. I was walking around and thinking about the results of the study all day today. I really can see a woman developing mental issues after keeping dreaming about having a child for a decade and never being able to fulfill her dream.

    I would never want to be like that. I have too many things I still want to accomplish in my life, and having a child was not the only dream I had.

  2. Excellent! Yes, it's all about wanting what we have. We're only going to be unhappy if we continue to want what we can't have. I'm so glad you're the "old happy me" - though you're not so much of the "old."