Saturday, September 6, 2014

My actionable resolutions for this year II

I read this article in January, I really liked it:  

And after reading it I wrote this post:

I am happy to report that this is the first time ever that my new year's resolution actually worked out! Thanks to the Time's article.

My actionable resolutions for this year were:
  • I will eat more vegetables.      Rezultat iskanja slik za ticked
  • No more late evening snacks.  Rezultat iskanja slik za ticked
  • I will walk every day for 1 hour.  Rezultat iskanja slik za ticked
  • I will start jogging in spring. (I started and stopped, when jogging more then 10 minutes, my knees start to hurt)
  • I will go swimming once a week to the olympic swimming pool. (I started and stopped, I can easily catch ear infection)
  • I will cycle 1.000 kilometers this year.   Rezultat iskanja slik za ticked (Already 1.400 kilometers cycled so far!)

I just calculated what is my average sport activity per day of the first 249 days of this year.
It is: 1 hour 20 minutes of walking / cycling / working in the garden / swimming / jogging.

And I lost 4 kilos.

Happy :)


  1. Well done. I needed (need to) to read that article . I am so unhappy with my body right now, though I'm enjoying getting back to the gym post-surgery, and feeling stronger. Hopefully change will come as a result.

    1. dear Mali,
      I am glad you are back in the gym!

  2. Congrats! I like the specific list of things to do, not just the general "I will lose weight" resolution I make every year.

  3. Congratulations, really well done! I like the article and I think it's also time for me to set my own actionable resolutions. The last year of continuous IF treatments made me gain quite a bit of weight. Getting back to my pre-treatment weight and fitness will be a big step forward in my healing.

    1. I love the expression pre-treatment weight. This is exactly what I want to achieve!

  4. Good for you, Klara!! Since I lost my job, dh & I have been going out for walks most mornings when the weather is good. We've been walking 30-45 minutes, 3-4 times a week on average. I've already lost a few pounds. Not a lot, but it's start (I hope). I want to be healthy & enjoy many more years together.

    1. Good Loribeth! Happy for you. I love your plan - to be healthy & enjoy many more years together (I have the same plan).

      May I tell you what my beloved Wolf taught me? Every day (regardless of the rain) is a perfect day for a long walk :)

  5. WOW, well done, Klara! I really want to exercise again. My body has been aching, but don't dare to force it yet (except for some light stretching exercises) because I've been battling flu, but you're an inspiration!