Sunday, September 14, 2014

Forever / Per sempre

Per sempre

I was really glad to find a new novel written by my favourite author in the library. I read it yesterday.

I loved the main character, Matteo. I loved the story about eternal love. The story is beautiful and heartbreaking.

The novel hasn't been translated to English yet, I hope it will be soon. Because this is a novel everybody should read at least once.

A quote from the book (translated by me, so the English is not perfect):

"Yes, a tragedy has happened to you. A tragedy, that has changed your life. But I have to ask you - why did you let the tragedy to change you? Haven't I been showing to you all my life, that it is possible to handle things differently? "

I still think that it is a tragedy that if you wish to have children and can not have them.
I loved that question - why did you let the tragedy to change you?
Why did I let the tragedy to change me?
Yes, my infertility has changed me.
But I am learning the ways of getting my  happy life back. Piece by piece.

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  1. I wish my Italian was good enough to read that. It's not. At all!

    Tragedies can change us for the better too. As long as we remember how to be happy. Sounds as if you are doing well in restoring that part of your life.