Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wishing you all the luck, little Gammy

I have heard many nasty stories about surrogacy, but this is breaking my heart:

How could biological parents leave Gammy behind? 

Do some infertile couples really thing that money can buy everything? Including having a choice of taking home only a healthy child?

I am glad that the boy's surrogate mother is taking care of him. 

I was willing to take many new ways in fighting my infertility. But surrogacy was never an option. For million of different reasons.   


  1. How horrible! I can't even fathom the idea that people could separate their very own flesh and blood twins by taking a healthy child and abandoning Gammy. What a "deal" they've got but you know, karma is a *** . ..

  2. How could they abandon their own child? I hope they didn't do it easily. And I wonder how the healthy child will feel when they are grown and learn they have a full sibling living in poverty in Thailand?

    Surrogacy is such a difficult issue precisely because of these issues. They obviously didn't understand anything about Thai Buddhist beliefs if they asked her to have an abortion, and clearly didn't have an agreement with the woman about the potential for things to go wrong, abortion, multiples etc. It sounds like it might not have even been a legal contract.

    I also feel very uncomfortable with surrogacy in developing countries. Yes, it helps (in most cases) the surrogate mother financially. But there are so many risks for all parties. And I cringe at the thought of a tiny Thai woman carrying and delivering the child of an average Western couple.