Saturday, August 23, 2014

No other life would I like to have more

DK Eyewitness Pocket Map and Guide: Amsterdam

I just bought this map & guide. I am looking forward to visiting Amsterdam for the first time on Monday, 3rd of November. We choose flights so that we have 10 hours for discovering the city.

I can't really say I can't wait for Amsterdam (since by then our holidays & our time with friends in California will be over).

But - I can say I am really really looking forward to our holidays to begin.

And I am already almost sure, that one day (when I am old and grey) I will be able to say: 
"This is not the life that I planned, but no other life would I like to have more".


  1. Oooh, Amsterdam! It will be something to look forward to when you've said good-bye to California and friends. I loved Amsterdam - just walking around the city and across the canals is special. You'll have time to do all that, maybe visit Anne Frank's house, and also perhaps pop into a museum or art gallery. But perhaps you should leave some things to do for when you go next!

  2. I love Amsterdam, it's really beautiful!