Sunday, August 3, 2014

A lovely day

I had a lovely day with an online friend from the beginning of my IVF years. We are the same age, have a very similar infertility story but we live on opposite sides of the country, so we never met very often. 

I haven't seen her for three years, I guess she did not want to know how it feels accepting a childless life for good (I understood that, I never blamed her for not wanting seeing me).  Now she is preparing for her 10th and final IVF. If it doesn't work, she will give up. 

She visited me in the morning and than we spent lovely 12 hours together - discovering the north of our country. We had a great day together, with lots of laughter and stories.  
(If you wish to know the  names of those places, I will be more then happy to tell you about them. My contact: klara.soncek (@)  )

I even told her that I am writing a blog. And I said that I will not tell her the title of my blog now, since there are still hopes that her IVF story will have a happy end.

One of her stories that I loved the most. 

Conversation between her husband and a 15-year-old boy, son of their best friends. 

The boy: "How come you and your wife don't have children?"
The husband: "Well, we tried and we couldn't, so we don't have them. Simple as that."
The boy: "But why don't you adopt?"
The husband: "There aren't any babies to adopt in our country. So we would have to go abroad, but that costs a lot of money."
The boy: "How much?"
The husband: "At least 30.000 EUR."
The boy: "Uau, that's so much money. I would never pay that much to have a baby."
The husband: "Neither would I."

How cool is the story? I laughed so much when hearing it. 


  1. Loving the photos, and the story of your day together. And also the conversation between the boy and husband.

    However, I think that maybe giving her friend the title of your blog might help her. She's still got hope that she will have a child, but she obviously has you as a positive example, but maybe reading your thoughts and knowing that you are coping and happy, and seeing comments from others who are coping and happy, will make it less scary for her?

    1. dear Mali,
      thank you for your comment.
      I promised my friend that I will tell her the name of my blog in case if her last IVF cycle (with egg donation) does not work out.
      And I told her that I am keeping my fingers crossed that she never needs my blog.

    2. PS for Mali:
      do you recognize the church on the first two photos?
      For others: this is the largest pilgrimage church of my country. I just love it, there is so much positive energy there.
      I used to pray there for having a child. Not any more... it is such a relief.
      Yesterday I prayed for peace in my heart and that there are many beautiful, happy and healthy years in front of us, for me & my DH.

    3. I did recognise the church. It was in a really charming area too. And Lake Bled too of course.

  2. I loved the photos of such beautiful places! The last two pics are my favorite since coffee and mountains are two of my very favorite things :)

    This is so nice you were able to get together with your friend. I hope her last try will be a success and if not then she knows now that the world doesn't end even if a dream ends.

  3. Wow... I didn't come for a while... I was out of my country...
    I tell my husband I want to visit all these places. It's so beautiful!

    True friendship doesn't need a lot to survive. You and your friend are the perfect exemple!

    I hope the last try will be a success... If not, you will be there :o).