Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wishing I had a son

Atlas Shrugged (Centennial Ed.

I have quite some children that mean something to me. But I do have a favourite one. It is my husband's nephew aged 17. When I met him for the first time he was 6. He was the sweetest boy I have ever seen. We had many nice moments together (the best excursion: Gardaland, favourite thing: many long walks with the Wolf). 

When he was 13, he said that he had read Atlas shrugged in English. I did not believe him, since I read some pages and it is extremely difficult book to read  for a non-native speaker.  So I joked that I would read the book as well, just to prove that it is impossible that a boy that young read all thousand pages. And he was excited - that finally somebody from the family would read the book. Anyway, I started reading it and it was so difficult. But of course I could not admit to a child that I was not able to finish the book, so I kept reading. After a while I started to really like Dagny and Hank, so I finished the book. I had quite some good discussions with the boy - he is so clever! (I asked him many detailed questions about the book... and yes, he had read it!)
(just a note: our country unfortunately in many ways resemble the country that Ayn Rand escaped from, so  it is really interesting book also because of that).

I met him today again, after some weeks. It was lovely to talk to him. He told me today (first in the family!) which university he is thinking to go to next year. He made a good choice. And we were talking about the new puppy (he loved the Wolf as well).

If I could choose who my child would be, I would choose him.
(the younger version of him, him as a baby.... so that all the best moments of his childhood would be mine).


  1. I very much understand your longing...I've had similar feelings about our nieces and nephews. Clearly you have had as big an impact on your nephew's life as he has had on yours.

    p.s.You both have my admiration for completing a complex read in a non-native language.

  2. I second Pamela's admiration... that's a tough book to wade through even if your native language is English! I know dh & I have had fun discussing books & movies with our two nephews as they've gotten older. I miss the adorable little guys they once were, but I am also so proud of the wonderful young men they have become. :)

  3. dear Pamela and Loribeth, thank you for your kind comments.

  4. 1. I wish I could read complex books (even normal books) in another language. (Children's books don't count.)

    2. I think it is lovely you have such a close relationship with your nephew. And that you have maintained that through those difficult teenage years - I have no idea how to talk to my 14-yr-old nephew.

  5. Ahhhh...I agree, I also think it's lovely to have such a special relationship with your nephew. :-) I salute your nephew for being able to complete that difficult book at such a young age! I remember struggling with reading English books when I was that age he he...