Saturday, April 19, 2014

Do you need children to be happy?

I read the article in the last week's Stern.

There are some interesting statistics. For example: in Germany 20 % of the women in the age group 40 - 44 are childless.

There are four short interviews with four childfree couples. I have absolutely nothing in common with those people except the fact that none of us has children. Because - all eight of them are childless by choice.

My infertility scarred me for entire life. My heart was broken for million of times. I had to embrace my childless life in order to start living again. Being childless was never ever my choice.

Especially one couple really bothered me. Their main reason why they decided against having children was that they got used to luxury. Like having three fancy dinners in restaurants per week, shopping, honeymoon on Mauritius, buying Porche....  I was reminded on Time's article from last year:
that really disappointed me.

Most of the women told that their birth control method  is/was sterilization. Really - those women do not come from my tribe. How many medical interventions did I have to try to help my blocked tubes? (=blocked not by my choice!)

The article did not lift my spirit. It is high time that I put on my beautiful running gear and go for a short jogging. Jogging makes me feel good. Jogging makes me happy.


  1. I am back from 50 minutes of light jogging & fast walking. I feel much better!

  2. Yay. Glad you feel better.

    And disappointed that once again an article on the childless focuses only on one group, and on the stereotypes. I bet the author of the article was ecstatic to find a couple that fit the stereotype of "too selfish to have children." Sigh.

  3. Glad that you felt better after jogging, Klara! :-) I suppose the entire article was created only to share the POVs of childfree people, because it sure doesn't sound like it includes people like us. But yeah, it's a shame that the article may make those clueless people think about the stereotype that Mali wrote up there.

  4. Phooey. I'm so tired of getting lumped in with those who never wanted kids! Keep jogging :)