Saturday, March 8, 2014

Just do it

For the last few years a friend of mine (mother of two) always invited me for a mini mini marathon (5 kilometers) organized by largest cosmetic store. I always declined invitation, with the same reason. I hate this event - since it is very popular with mums who get in shape after having a child. Some even jog with a toddler in a buggy. How horrible is that for an infertile woman? 

My friend tried with the invitation also this year, but I declined, as always. Then she tried another tactic - she invited me for a marathon that is at the end of October. It has three categories: 42, 21 and 10 kilometers. And I said yes - to the 10 kilometers. 

So far I have always jogged in cotton clothes. This week I spent  in Italy (for the first long business trip this year) and one evening I went to Nike's outlet shop and bought 9 different articles for running. Everything in black / pink / white  combination.  I paid almost 300 EUR, which is more than I earn per a week. But I felt really really happy about it. 

I am looking forward to lots of jogging this year! Today is a beautiful warm spring day, so it is just perfect for the first long jogging.

And 5 consecutive springs when March meant time for a new round of infertility drugs (having at least 40 injections) is just a horrible memory. I am so happy that it is over. For good.


  1. Good for you!! I hope you feel fabulous in your new gear.

    1. dear Mali,
      thank you for your comment. Yes, I did feel great.

      Today I:
      - cycled for 4 kilometers (to visit local library)
      - 1 hour and a half of combined light jogging / fast walking (in my fabolous new gear).
      - 1 hour of walking with my marathon buddy.

      Summa summarum: it was a perfect day.

  2. I do need to get some more gear. I have a lot of running planned this year...if the snow ever decides to melt I am ready to get on the paths/road again...I am so sick of the treadmill.

    1. In this part of Europe we already have spring for the last few days.... it is sunny and 14C. Lovely!