Saturday, February 8, 2014

Final ride with the wind

There has always been one topic I wanted to write about, but on the other hand I didn't want to. The theme is too dark.
Today my mood is dark - I literally haven't slept for the third night (=hard coughing prevents me from sleeping).  I am still very ill. And in the middle of the dark lonely night dark thoughts come to my mind.
I was in Ireland for the first time when I was 17. I loved it. I spent there 3 months, working as an Au Pair. I had one day per a week free, it was Sunday and I used my Sundays to discover either the centre of Dublin or for cycling around outskirts of Dublin.
One thing that I loved in Ireland were old cemeteries. Ordinary people, who died few hundreds years ago and they still have their own grave. Beautiful & peaceful. I could spend hours there, thinking...
This is not the case in my country. You literally can not buy the grave, you can just rent it. So normally it is the children who pay the rent of the grave for the parents each year. 
Who would pay the rent for the grave for us? We wouldn't want to be a burden for our nieces and nephews.  The thought that eventually our grave would be destroyed and a non related new person would get our grave, is terrifying.
So yes. I know what I want for myself. When I am gone (hopefully not for another 50 years) I want to be the ash that wind takes with it. I like the idea - to be free as a bird for eternity.


  1. I agree that being cremated and having your ashes scattered somewhere that you love is fabulous. I never knew about rented graves. I wanted to be cremated as well. If money were no object, I'd like a Tibetan Sky burial.

  2. I like that idea too. "To be free as a bird for eternity." Beautiful.

  3. LOVE that idea, as well. Over here when you buy a plot of land in the cemetery, you can use it for 50 years (I know it because I was there with MIL when she paid for a plot for FIL and herself - she wants to be buried next to FIL). I don't know what happens after 50 years, though.

    Btw, hope you're feeling better and that you've been able to get more rest. I remember the torturing time when I couldn't sleep well due to cough. Ugh...