Thursday, January 23, 2014

My actionable resolutions for this year


I really liked this article: 
My actionable resolutions for this year:
  • I will eat more vegetables.
  • No more late evening snacks.
  • I will walk every day for 1 hour.
  • I will start jogging in spring.
  • I will go swimming once a week to the olympic swimming pool.
  • I will cycle 1.000 kilometers this year.

(PS: after the death of my beloved Wolf I gained some extra weight. I do not feel comfortable in my skin, I have to do something about it).


  1. My hubby's been a bit frantic about his weight, so he's been trying to exercise these days (before this he was never that interested about exercising regularly) HA HA HA HA...I also want to lose a few kgs myself, so I'm trying to buy healthier snacks to have during the eve and I also need to eat more veggies and fruits.

    Here's to reaching your goals this year, Klara!

  2. I'm behind you every step of the way!!

  3. Two years ago, I started with "Run at least a mile every day". Last year, I uped it to 1.25 miles. This year, 1.5 miles. Sometimes, I think if you say you will do something everyday, it actually gets easier for it just becomes part of your everyday life. Once you have done it for 100 days in a row, you wouldn't want to stop on 101. I like the biking goal - I should set this as well.

    1. thanks, KT!
      I used to cycle each year aprox. 3.000 kilometers per year. Then came my beloved Wolf so it seemed to me that it is selfish if I bike all day while he is lonely in the cage. Now that he is gone I have to do something with my extra free time.