Wednesday, January 1, 2014

No. Of course not. I want my own children.

Match Point (2005)

Have you already seen Woody Allen's Match Point? I saw it already in 2005, but then completely forgot about it. I even forgot that there was one of the main caracters that was dealing with infertility.

I watched it again yesterday and liked it (as the most of Woody Allen's movies).

I found the scenes with Chloe and her dealing with infertility sad, but I was sad for her, not for me. When Chloe was asked if she would ever consider adoption, she answers: "No. Of course not. I want my own children."

An interesting answer.


  1. Grr... Google just ate my comment- and now I can't remember what I typed in the comment.. Let me try again-

    Due to computer problem, I couldn't see the image you posted- sucks, but hey. :)

    I had heard that very same statement from one or two clients I worked with in past, struggling with infertility, and I was thinking, "they are selfish, giving up on this option of adopting." Now, after my surgery, I try to bite my tongue, finding myself on the other side. I admit, I'm a bit biased here, now that I'm taking foster care classes, in goal of adopting a foster kid or two; I think there are beautiful children waiting to be adopted, but that folks say "I'd want my own children", are still limiting themselves.

    Nevertheless I hadn't seen this movie, so that goes on my list what to watch- thanks for the recommendation!

  2. dear Wolfers,
    the photo was taken from this website:

    I am happy for you - taking foster care classes. Wishing you all the best!

    1. Gracias!!! Found that Netflix doesn't have that on their list- nevertheless I'll keep looking! :)