Saturday, January 4, 2014

4 great-grandmothers & 4 great-grandfathers

Have a Little Faith: A True Story

I have just read this book in my language. I really wanted to publish on my blog a part of the book that meant a lot to me, so I asked a pen-friend of mine from New York to write me that part of the book in English (thank you!).

How then, I asked the Reb, can you avoid the second death?
"In the short run," he said, "the answer is simple. Family.  It is through my family that I hope to live on for a few generations.  When they remember me, I live on.  When they pray for me, I live on. All the memories we have made, the laughs and the tears."

"But that, too, is limited."
How so?
He sang the next sentence.
"Ifff....I've done a good jobbb, then I'll be re-mem-bered one generation, maybe two.....but e-ven-tu-alllly....they're gonna say, "What was his naaame again?"

At first I protested.  Then I stopped.  I realized I did not know my great-grandmother's name.  I'd never seen my great-grandfather's face.  How many generations does it take, even in close-knit families, for the fabric to unravel?

"This is why," the Reb said, "faith is so important.  It is a rope for us all to grab, up and down the mountain.  I may not be remembered in so many years.  But what I believe and have taught----about God, about our tradition - that can go on.  It comes from my parents and their parents before them.  And if it stretches to my grandchildren and to their grandchildren, then we are all, you know...."

"That's it."

I had 4 great-grandmothers & 4 great-grandfathers. And out of 8 names I know only one of them (I know the name of my maternal grand-mother's mother).
So - no big deal actually if my name will be forgotten sooner as normally.


  1. Being connected. :-) I love that word because we can build connections not only with our family members but also with many people around the world - thanks to the internet. :-)

    I'm interested in reading the book now. :-) Maybe later. :-)

  2. I feel this way too. I think I will be remembered for connections I make, and if I'm forgotten sooner because I have no children, I have no problem with that. Because I also know that I've made a small impact on this planet, in the lives of some people, and that counts as much as being remembered as part of a family tree.

  3. If you're interested in learning the names of your 8 greats, you can start here: I don't know anything about Slovenian genealogy, but I'd be happy to help you as much as I can.