Monday, December 9, 2013

The five people you meet in Heaven

I am back. I had a great time. 

Each evening and in the metro I was reading this book:

The Five People You Meet in Heaven
I really liked it. 

My favourite character was Marguerite - who - the same as me - could not have children.

...As always with Marguerite and children, his mood is lifted by her easy connection to them and dampened by her inability to have them. One doctor said she was to nervous. Another said she had waited to long, she should have had them by the age 25. In time, they ran out of money for doctors. It was what it was.

When I read the last sentence, I felt an instant connection. It is the same sentence that I use so many time. It is what it is.

The love between Marguerite & her husband is gentle and deep. It is described so beautifully that I wouldn't be surprised if also the writer and his wife could not have children (my penfriend told me that they do not have children).

There were some awkward situations on my trip, but I did not let them to destroy my first beautiful December after whole decade.

1. There was a 21-year-Italian-student that was helping. A man that I never met before asked me if she was my daughter (damn, and I always think that I look young. Obviously not.).
2. I was chatting with a colleague from another company. He is typical extroverted person. I am not. So when there was nothing more to chat about he started a new topic. He said: "My two girls are sleeping right now. I got an SMS from my mother."  (BTW: Two girls meaning his wife and newborn daughter). Come on - do I really need to know this? I just said: "Oh, that's lovely" and excused myself. And avoided this person for the rest of the time.

PS: I hope that one of the five that I meet in Heaven will be my beloved Wolf. I miss him terribly.  He really was such a good dog (well, also basterd on many times - but I loved him just the way he was).


  1. A pen-friend of mine found me this quote:
    "Though he has achieved phenomenal success in two disparate genres, he does have a few regrets. “I did not have children,” said Albom, noting he’s still a big brother to his 17 nieces and nephews. “I was so busy with my career that I did not get married until late. We did not succeed in having children in the small window that we had.” "

    1. Interesting info about Albom. And I think I must've read the book before infertility hit me, because I sure don't remember reading about Marguerite. I suppose it's time to reread the book! At least it's still on my bookshelf ha ha...

    2. that's perfect that the book is still on your bookshelf. Yes, you definetely read the book before infertility - otherwise you would remember Marguerite.

    3. Funny how infertility changes you he he...:-) And yep, glad that I haven't given the book away or something like that. :-)

  2. You do NOT look old enough to have a 21 year old daughter! Maybe she looked about 12?

    Glad you had a good time.

  3. Never read the book (my husband has read it & "Tuesdays with Morrie") but I remember seeing the movie on TV & bawling my eyes out over Marguerite. Interesting about Mitch Albom & his wife being childless.