Monday, October 7, 2013

Fit route 65

I woke up this morning and decided that I do not feel comfortable in my skin. Before all 10 IVFs I used to have 65 kilos.  Now I have few more. Not a lot more, but just enough to not feel perfectly fine.

I decided that I need a new project in my life, so I created a new blog for getting fit:

My plan is simple. Eat a bit less. Excersise a bit more.

(it will be a boring blog. It is actually not meantt to be read by anybody but me.  I need something to track things down).

PS: I feel great after 15 minutes of light jogging.


  1. Best of luck. I had put on at least 20-25 pounds in the last 3 years since our last and final miscarriage that I decided this past January I was going to change that. I started on a low-carb lifestyle. Now almost 30 pounds lighter, I am feeling great and so comfortable in my skin again.

  2. And sleep is essential, too! A good night's sleep really helps to keep everything working efficiently ...(note to self: take this good advice...)