Friday, October 4, 2013

Emotions in my heart

I just came back from a four day work trip to Italy. I went with my coworker, to visit some key clients.

It was lovely. We both love Italy & Italian cuisine so much.We had three delicious dinners together. 

The only hard part was talking for 4 days to a coworker (my age, mother of two).  I don't necessarily need to know all details of her kids. And she spent lots of time talking about all the fun things her family does during the weekend with their friends* who have kids.

*Just a remark: those aren't her real friends. They are just parents of children that go to school together with her children. She and her husband used to spend lots of time with parents they met in kindergarten, but since the kids don't go to the same school... they changed ALL friends in one year.
Real friendship? Well, not according to my opinion.

A childless coworker recommended me to read one of the books that was written by the best psychologist in our country 4 decades ago. I was reading it, few pages, every evening. I really loved it.

One part that I really loved was that there are always good things and bad things that are happening in life. But, it is up to us to decide, what kind of emotions we will let live in our heart.

I decided to have room only for positive emotions. So I didn't let my coworker to spoil perfect days in Italy.

Another proof that I definitely am on a road to recovery. We visited yesterday a key client that became a friend through working so many years together. She had given birth few weeks ago to  Riccardo. I envied my coworker how easy was for her to chat with Riccardo's mother. I didn't really want to go there, but we were invited so it would be unpolite not to go.

I dealt with my emotions and decided that it is just fact of life. Some women have children. Some don't. And I did not let bad emotions enter my heart.
(BTW: Riccarrdo is just a perfect little baby, in a way I am glad to have seen him).

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.

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  1. Good for you, Klara! You dealt with these situations so well! It's hard to stay with the positive emotions under difficult situations. The fact that you did so, says A LOT!